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Meet the team

PIPO have a highly experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable team to assist you.

Executive team

Jane Howarth, Managing Director – PIPO Group

Jane has an extensive background with over 20 years’ experience in book keeping, business development, accounting, human and industrial resources, and recruitment. Jane started PIPO Group in 2017 and leads the PIPO team with a strong understanding of client needs, recruitment response, payroll outsourcing and employee management.

Carol Wright, Operations Manager – PIPO Group

Carol has 30 years’ experience in private enterprises predominantly in accounts and staff management. Carol has owned and operated her own businesses as well as others covering various sectors. Carol oversees the management of the PIPO group which includes office, accounts, and payroll management.

Carolyn Breadmore, General Manager – PIPO Group

Carolyn is an experienced recruiter with 17 years’ experience in the HR and recruitment industry. Carolyn prides herself on leading and mentoring teams and knows the importance of great workplace culture and leads our team of professionals to achieve quality result every time. With a wealth of experience in a variety of industries, Carolyn knows the importance of a quality fit for every industry and looks forward to working with new clients and candidates. 

PIPO Group

Ryan Howarth, Talent Acquisition Officer – PIPO Recruitment and Labour Hire

Ryan started at PIPO Recruitment and Labour Hire in 2021. Ryan manages incident reports and employee onboarding and also works with Carolyn to maintain PIPO’s talent bench to ensure rapid response for client need. Ryan also manages Risk Assessments and looks after PIPO’s International workforce.

Joe Draper, Senior Administrator – PIPO Recruitment and Labour Hire

Joe has been apart of the PIPO team for a number of years and has recently taken on the role for senior administrator for the PIPO Group. Joe has 5 plus years in payroll, accounts and administration and brings a wealth of practical knowledge and industry experience. Joe works across all PIPO entities but specialises in Labour Hire.

Ruth Harris, Supports Manager – PIPO Support Services

Ruth started with PIPO Supports in 2020 and was a registered nurse in the UK for 3 years, worked in employment services for 3 years and has also worked in childcare for many years. Ruth has a strong understanding of complex client needs and delivers positive outcomes for participants under the NDIS.

Garth Johnston, Transport Officer – PIPO Support Services

Garth started at PIPO in 2021 and is our Transport Officer. He has a 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement and Public Safety. He is very passionate about peer supporting amputees in Tasmania as he is an amputee himself from June 2018. Garth noticed a distinct lack of transport available to those in wheelchairs, whilst only in one – post surgery – for approximately 10 weeks. He wanted to make a change in this area. PIPO agreed and set things in motion. He is active in the community at many levels; and includes two groups with the local Council.