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Core Support

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What are Core Supports?

Core supports are your main support category. They are in place to help you with everyday activities, and to access and participate within your community.

One of the best things about Core Supports – they’re flexible. This means you can use your funding across any of the support items and services within your Core budget.

Your Core supports fits into categories:
Assistance with Daily Life
Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Assistance with Daily Life is designed to help you live your best life, with as much independence as possible. It can help you cover the cost of hiring someone to supervise or support you with any activities, including personal care, in your daily life. And it doesn’t just mean you’ll be supported while at home. You could access support out in the community for social or work reasons, at school, TAFE or university, or even at a hotel while on holiday. 

Assistance with Social and Community Participation helps you to engage in the community and in social and other activities related to your goals. You can receive this support in a number of different settings in the community, including in a centre with group or one-on-one interactions, at school, TAFE, university or other educational facilities.

Transport funding gives you access to disability supports outside your home, and helps you pay for the transport that is helping you to achieve your goals. People who can’t use public transport due to their disability can receive this funding to help them go to school, university, TAFE, work, or to access the community.

What Core Supports can I get?
You Core supports are based on your current disability related needs and how these supports can help you work towards your goals. If one of your goals is to participate in community based activities and you need to engage a support worker to achieve this goal, you might be able to access Assistance with Social and Community Participation as a Core support.

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